Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Wish List Hits


tooday a memeber of drupal community added following points to the wishlist at

1) Create base theme files (page,node, style.css, image folder, css folder, favicon) ability to chose extra ones (block,comment, jquery.pngFix.js, template etc. )
2) Convert images to CMS
3) Convert images to Dreamweaver

4) Block Regions Wizard w/ default or custom div:
-site slogan
-mission statement
-left sidebar
-right sidebar
-main content
-content top
-content bottom
-extra Block Regions:

also these would be nice:
5) Update CSS
6) Update current theme file
7) Create custom content-type file (CCK)
8) CCK Data Field Wizard (w/ default or custom div)
9) Fill with place holder content,taxonomy,users,comments,blogs (Devel Module)

great idea, hope to see more responses[/quote]

though mejority have been implimented, i express my gratitude for joning the discussion.


Wednesday, October 31, 2007



I have been working on Drupal theme creation extension for Dreamweaver.

Features include
* creating basic files with a single click.
* adding Regions in few clicks
* graphic view
* migrate between versions
* Deleting unnecessary files

A beta release is expected soon