Saturday, May 2, 2009

Themegenie Now Available For Download

Themegenie – the Dreamweaver extension for Drupal theme

Theming Drupal is no more a Herculean Task or tiresome job. Thmegenie makes Drupal themeing a breeze.

Features at a glance

• Create base theme files in a single clicks, fast.• Completely Programmer free, do it as you design html pages in Dreamweaver.• Creating Regions is pretty simple.
• Transform your dreams to themes without confusions, PSD to Themes possible.
• With Themeenie you can create themes for your personal sites, blogs, 
• e-commerces, wikis, forums and many more. It's your choice!.
• Real-time drupal view - View your theme using Dreamweavers’ design view just like you see it on a drupal site.
• Create page modules and regions in a click.
• Browser specific css. 
• override template files.
• Theming blocks, nodes and comments has unlimited possibilities with a few default styles you can choose from. Rounded, zebra, collapse and so on.
• Nine styles of menus with unlimited CSS possibilities including Suck/Super fishes.
• Theme Search, Forum, Poll. 
• The maintenance page.
• And much more

Coming features

- opt fixed, elastic, fluid regions- Integrate color module- Create theme settings
- Tabbed Region
- Collapsible Regions
- Css Switch
- Import Wordpress Themes
- Import Joomla templates
- theme Subthemes

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